Mr. Srinivasan, MD & Chairman of Emerald Jewel Industry believes that gold is a timeless metal and the love for it will never cease, although varying trends may come and go. Gold embodies purity and elegance, making it the chosen metal for auspicious occasions and everyday wear alike, since forever.

Elaborate heavy designs have paved way for dainty and weightless pieces of the contemporary world, with gold being the constant throughout this evolution. The ability of gold to complement an array of colours makes it the go-to pick for the modern woman. Leading fast-paced lives alternating between hectic work schedules and personal occasions leaves little to no time for millennials to pick from an infinite assortment of accessories and pair them with their outfits. Here is where minimalist jewellery makes an elegant yet unique impression, blending with all looks, be it formal or casual.

Minimalism is the trend of the times and Emerald is able to cater to the demand for sophisticated, sleek, and lightweight jewellery through their facilities that are fitted with state-of-the-art technology equipped to furnish the goods. Techniques such as electroforming, stamping and laser cutting enable precision in cutting and moulding distinct motifs of varied finishes. Quality and expert craftsmanship are at the heart of Emerald and they obtain the finest metal from reliable sources which is crafted into admirable pieces of artistry. The combining of pure gold with modern machinery under the keen mentorship of skilled specialists gives birth to exceptional results at Emerald.

Uniqueness and freshness is the USP of modern jewellery-making and Emerald brings together the essences of traditional and contemporary jewellery into the design boards of their millennial gold range. Quite too often modernism is looked at as flashy and loud. However Emerald redefines these perspectives in their millennial’s collections in gold, which has amazed the audience with their fresh contemporary approach. An exclusive team monitors the changing preferences of the current fashion world to stay updated on the emerging trends. At Emerald, jewellery is elevated to more than just an accessory to being a personal fashion expression. The harmony of comfortable and relatable designs makes the Emerald range one of the most-sought after brands in the market. Keeping in mind the philosophy of ‘less is more’, Emerald has curated an array of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, rings and more for millennial women.  

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